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Hello, everybody! I am Shie Yu Hao (22) from 2P4 and this would be my Science E-portfolio for this Secondary 2 year. Well, I believe that you would not want to listen to what my hobbies are, what are my favourite food etc. I think you would like to listen to what are my aims and my interest in Science. Also, I ought to tell you who my science teacher is this year. She is called Ms Nada, a new science teacher for me though, but I feel that she is a nice and caring teacher!

Last year, I did well for my Science EOY but the sad thing is that, I did not get my exemption! This year, there is no exemption for Science either! (Although I know that there is exemption at a later date) This would not be a barrier for me to achieve high scores for science this year! Actually, I was kind of mad over all kind of sciences, be it Biology, Physics or Chemistry, since primary 3 but I have finally found a particular science that I really love about.It is forensic science!

Forensic science is really amazing. Looking at all the forensics doing the job to nabbed those nasty jerks! Looking at helping people/deceased had motivated me into knowing and learning more but I would need to excel in science! My actual ambition is to be a doctor. But sad to say, my science is not doing very well as I expected. I will work hard towards my goal! Doctor, HERE I COME!!

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